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Press Release |Hudson Fairfax Group Invests in Watchful Software: Cybersecurity Investment Specialist Provides Expansion Capital for Award Winning Data Security Provider - Hudson Fairfax Group, a New York based investment firm specializing in business development, sales acceleration, and financial management of high growth companies in the cybersecurity sector announces that it has invested in Watchful Software, a leading provider of data-centric information security solutions. [Read More]

Conference |Funding Tips For Cybersec Startups - When startups get federal R&D grants, it validates the technology and answers a problem that a particular agency is facing. But Hudson Fairfax Group's Tom Frommack warns that the agency need for that technology may come before the commercial sector's need for that technology. Another challenge for startups doing government work is whether they're going to be able to adjust to the commercial grind. [Read More]

Conference |Private Equity Investing In Cybersecurity Companies: How Middle-Market Investors Can Achieve Outsized Returns - Cybersecurity is no longer a discretionary expense for enterprise customers -- it’s a crucial investment due to significant need. Legacy systems still in operation require protection that meets current standards. New infrastructure must be deployed that’s ready for next-generation platforms. Websites must be protected from attacks, and networks must be guarded from compromise.
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Conference |As Cybersecurity Threats Get Bigger, So Do The Private Equity Opportunities: P.E. Investing In Middle-Market Cybersecurity Companies - Take a profound threat facing governments, corporations and critical infrastructure; factor in exponential growth rates of online data, mobile devices, and cloud computing; add a new generation of online criminals, political activists, hostile governments and theft of intellectual property; and you have a market with massive investment potential. PE investors are increasingly looking at cybersecurity -- one of America’s new growth industries. [Read More]

Article |A Paranoia Industrial Complex Emerges - "The potential costs of those attacks are rising exponentially," said Manish Thakur, managing partner at Manhattan-based investment firm Hudson Fairfax Group, who will be chairing a conference on private-equity opportunities in cybersecurity. "So whether the government [forces] the moves or the market does, cyber spending is set to go up." [Read More]

Article |Why Investment in Cyber is Booming - “There’s a lot of money going into cyber. Last year around $1 billion went in from the venture capital community, which doesn’t include any of the large scale M&A, and that’s a lot for a nascent sector. The investment community is getting it.” Manish Thakur, as Managing Partner of New York-based private equity firm Hudson Fairfax Group (HFG), which invests growth capital in mid-market cyber and defence companies, is at the forefront of that investment community. [Read More]

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